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A Virtual Learning System in Theatre Skills

TPBLeap - Creative Futures is designed to be an attractive and playful online learning system for performing artists in theatre skills. It consists of a clear informative online curriculum and a virtual environment, which delivers a fun element as well as the opportunity for the learner to experiment with technical theatre skills prior to moving on to the real machines.

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Sound Class in SL

JJ Vernon the author of the Sound Engineering module has conducted a workshop on the Creative Futures Second Life Island. The lecture began with a tutorial to the mixing desk. The group moved then on to the virtual mixing desk and experienced how the mixing desk is working.

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The Virtual Sound Desk

TPBLeap - Creative Futures is featuring a virtual sound desk simulator on its Second Life Island. It is part of the Sound Module and provides an opportunity for the student to play and experiment with the features of a Sound Desk.

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Virtual Theatre

TPBLeap - Creative Futures is featuring virtual stages and virtual lighting desks as part of the curriculum. The virtual stages help students to understand the logistics of stage design, the lighting desks assists learners in their understanding of lighting management.

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Learning is Fun

For the first time the project TBPLeap - Creative Futures has been introduced to interested parties and the press. The presentation took place on June 9th, 2010 at the Diplomatic Academy Vienna and provoked a lively and enthusiastic response amongst the partners and the audience.

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