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Putting to the Test

The Test Phase has started

Since April 10 2010 a group of students at the VUC in Denmark are testing the Beta version of the pilot project „TPBLeap – Creative Futures“. They will evaluate the content and the technology of the project.

The e-learning content has now been transferred and is available on Moodle. The modules are: Lighting, Sound, Stage Management, Costumes and Production. There are students enrolled in all of the courses.
For this test phase the teachers at VUC assume the role of the e-tutor guiding the students through the courses.
For Lighting, Sound and Stage Management special applications have been created in Second Life. The Sound and Lighting Desk are state of the art. We have pushed the available technology to its limit in order to achieve tools that simulate a real theatre situation as realistic as possible and that are supportive of the learning experience of the student.  For the Stage Management module Vending Machines have been developed to allow the students to choose a number of props that they need on stage. There is also a sand box where objects can be built.
Unregistered users can only access the Visitors Centre. In the Project Exhibition you find an overview of the modules as well as a trial version of the Theatre Lighting Simulator. The Visitors Centre is also still in progress. More information will be added continually.
In autumn this year we will present the project at a conference in Dublin. Those of you who cannot attend the conference will be able to participate online.

Visit the Creative Futures Island.