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School's Out Forever?

The Knowsley Council in Merseyside has taken a drastic and courageous step in reforming its education system. It has closed its eleven existing secondary schools and has established seven state-of-the-art learning centres.

The style of learning is completely different from traditional schools both in hours and availability.

The new centres are open from 7am until 10pm Monday through Friday and weekends from 9am to 8pm. Students will not be taught in formal classes, nor will they stick to a rigid timetable; instead they will work online at their own speeds on programmes that are tailor-made to match their interests.

Are the words of rock legend Alice Cooper's most famous song, "school's out forever", coming true?, asks The Independent in its article "No more school as council opens 'learning centres'".

The story about the "Future Schooling in Knowsley" can be followed at the webpage of the Knowsley Council.

Reference: Jochen Robles on Learning, knowledge and technology (in German)