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The Learning Revolution

This White Book "The Learning Revolution" is a must for everyone working in education.
A "Learning Revolution" was declared by the British Government, Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills, based on the sector of informal adult learning.

This openinglearning_revolution-1.jpg statement is a good indication of the field that is the topic of The White Book. "The boom in book clubs, on-line research and blogging, together with the continuing popularity of museums, public lectures and adult education classes, all demonstrate that people in this country have a passion for learning. They may not call it education, but this informal adult learning makes a huge contribution to the well-being of the nation ..."

The report has four chapters. In Chapter 1 - “Building a Culture of Learning” the four central initiatives are presented: “a Learning Pledge, a Festival of Learning, an Open Space Movement and a Transformation Fund”. In Chapter 2 - “Increasing Access to Informal Adult Learning” the focus is on specific groups such as older people and people who are disadvantaged.

The 3rd chapter - ”Transforming the way people learn through technology and broadcasting” emphazises the role of modern ICT in informal education. 
The following is quote from this chapter:

"... The web allows us to share information and communicate with other people on a scale unimaginable only a few years ago. But we are only just starting to realise the potential. Our strategy aims to 

  • help adults develop skills, confidence and access to technology so they can participate in a wider veriety of learning experiences
  • Harness the power of technology ot create more, and different, learning opportunities
  • stimulate new partnerships, using broadcasting and technology as a bridge to bring learners together, cross traditional boundaries and spark new ideas or ways of doing things
  • maintain momentum so informal learning is at the forefront of emerging new technologies.” (S.31) 

Examples are the emerging significance of Social Networking Sites, Second Life activities (i.e. of the Open University) und Flickr.

And Chapter 4 talks about “Making it happen”.

The White Book, is a real must for everyone involved in the Creative Futures project, and can be downloaded from the website of the Department for Innovation, Universities and Skills "The Learning Revolution".

Reference: Jochen Robles on Learning, knowledge and technology (in German)