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About us

Eight educational institutions and companies in six countries make up the team of the EU project "TPBLeap - Creative Futures".

Five of us were involved in the development of the curriculum "The Performance Bridge: Getting on and off the Stage" which is the basis for the current Transfer of Innovation project. Together with three new partners we are embarking on a journey to use the whole power of the web for the learning process.

The name Creative Futures stands for an innovative and integrative approach to web based learning. 

Our previous experiences with multinational e-learning projects has brought us closer to understanding the possiblities the Internet can bring to education technology today.

Step by step we are exploring new tools on the web, such as virtual worlds and social nets, for delivering the content to students. Course development for the training of e-tutors is at the heart of Creative Futures: playing as a way of learning. 

Innovative web applications within Creative Futures provide a series of advantages for e-learning:

  • cost-effective solutions for the increasing demand of education
  • content accessibility for people in remote areas
  • playful and stimulating interfaces
  • and motivation of the student to persue his / her learning goals by specially trained e-tutors