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The Virtual World

Is taking shape

The island Creative Futures in Second Life was created in July 2009. The Creative Futures partner DataWorks Studios has built a landscape that is based on the idea of ring forts that several Creative Futures partners discovered in Ireland. We found the archaic nature of this architecture especially suitable for our Second Life island as the island will embed the latest technological developments of the 21st centuries within an manifestation of early human civilisation. This structure is a bridge between the past and the future.

Much progress has been made in establishing a permanent Creative Futures' presence in Second Life.

The island will include among other features the following elements for the student:

  • a public/visitors centre and private teaching area
  • stage, prop’s and costume server
  • a Sandbox
  • simulators for a lighting board and sound desk.

Due to the nature of developing virtual world environments, the work is never truly complete. The environment is delivered in a phased approach to better manage these components.

Over the next few months all of the public and private area buildings will be completed. The development of the lighting desk should be completed by mid November.

The Creative Futures island is now in the public domain, and can be visited using the URL below.  (It should be noted, that most of the buildings on the island are still under construction).