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The Pilot Project

The Philosophy

The internet and by extension all the activity that goes with it, has taken mankind to a previously unknown area of possibilities.

The interactive character opens new avenues for human communication particularly in the area of learning, giving us opportunities that we never before dared even to dream of.

The digital revolution already plays a central role in the lives of all of us. In its short history millions of proposals have been made; some have survived, others not. But it is not just the “nerds” or the computer specialist who are central to its success or failure, the most influential role is actually played by people with a clear vision who give meaning to this technology.

What is certainly a constant in the process is the interest of people to learn about that process and their willingness to embrace change.

This scenario provides the foundation for the project TpbLeap – Creative Futures. It will be developed from November 2008 to October 2010 as a project of the Life Long Learning Initiative, Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the EU.