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The Pilot Project

The Background

theperformancebridge.jpgBetween 2002 to 2005 an international team developed the EU-Leonardo da Vinci Pilot Project "The Performance Bridge" ( The core element of this project was an e-learning platform with subjects that provide basic knowledge and experience for the production of a stage event particularly in the area of performing arts.

Working with this content and attempting to transfer it into the dimension of e-learning gave those partners invaluable experience to assess both the possibilities and the limitations of e-technology as it was then.

The character of e-learning changed radically during the development phase of this project leading the partners to understand that the material generated could and should be transferred to the new technological advances - social nets, virtual realities etc. which have become standard.

Nevertheless, the content and the methodology in "The Performance Bridge" were confirmed as a valuable backbone of a learning process in this area.
Therefore, part of the team has audiciously decided to combine the experience acquired during the development of the previous project with the push to use even further the web in the e-learning process.

We aim to create an environment where information, knowledge and experience will be smoothly transferred. And the key aspect will be "people" in the pursuit of a common goal using their capacities to manage different elements of the Internet.