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The Pilot Project

TPB Leap - Creative Futures

  • Imagine a theatre course, where you could stage manage your production in a virtual world.
  • Where theatre could be staged with real life examples.
  • Where costume, sound or lighting could combine the theory and practice in a technological setting.

"TPBLeap - Creative Futures" is a Transfer of Innovation Project of the Life Long Learning Initiative Leonardo da Vinci Programme of the EU. Its development phase is from November 2008 to October 2010. It is based on the curriculum "The Performance Bridge" developed from 2001 to 2003.

The project "TPBLeap - Creative Futures" will:

  • update the existing e-learning platform to the standards set by open source software and collaborative environments today.
  • complete elements that have not been finished (Virtual Stage, Multilingual Lexicon of Theatre Terminology)
  • complement the courses with a training module for e-tutors
  • involve the participants of the e-learning courses in an interactive process by using resources of the Virtual World.

Key elements are:

  • The development of a Training Programme for e-tutors. The guidance of a trained tutor will make the delivery of material more efficient, more motivating, more enjoyable and more “personal”. The e-tutor will help the learner to process the material and take ownership of it
  • The integration of virtual reality games as the basis for the Creative Futures island in which a relevant part of the e-learning process will take place. Objects will be created for Costume Design, Lighting, Sound, and Stage Management that will simulate the dynamics of producing a real life stage event