A Virtual Learning System in Theatre Skills

TPBLeap - Creative Futures is designed to be an attractive and playful online learning system for performing artists in theatre skills. It consists of a clear informative online curriculum and a virtual environment, which delivers a fun element as well as the opportunity for the learner to experiment with technical theatre skills prior to moving on to the real machines.

The value of practice in the use of equipment in training is well established and the use of software based simulators as an effective substitute is now widespread. However, the embedding of such simulators within virtual
worlds is relatively new. The Creative Futures project aims to facilitate online access to courses in generic theatre and event management skills for performing artists. A significant challenge in such online training is the requirement for practice in the use of lighting and sound equipment.

Key elements are:

The development of a training course for e-tutors to help the learner to process the material and take ownership of it. The guidance of a trained tutor will make the delivery of material more efficient, more
motivating, more enjoyable and more “personal”.

The integration of virtual reality games as the basis for the Creative Futures island in which a relevant part of the e-learning process takes place. Objects can be created for Costume Design, Lighting, Sound, Stage Management that will simulate the dynamics of producing a real life stage event.