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Meeting Creative Futures

Virtual and live Meetings

Before the two year development phase comes to a close and the new phase of fine-tuning the product starts we will present the virtual learning system Creative Futures in Second Life and at the Tanzquartier Vienna.

The components of the pilot TPBLeap - Creative Futures are ready to be used for learning and teaching and we are very glad to have the opportunity to present this further education programme for performing artists at an institution that is dedicated to dance and dancers: the Tanzquartier Wien, the dance house in Vienna. This presentation will take place on October 30th at 4 pm CET.

To provide an opportunity for those who were not able to attend one of our live presentations we also offer a guided tour through the Creative Futures Second Life Island. The avatars meet on Friday, October 29th at 4 pm CET (3 pm WET) in the Visitors' Centre of the island. Danny Roman (i.e. his avatar Robbi Jimenez) from DataworksStudios, responsible for the SL development, will be our tour guide.