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Virtual Theatre

TPBLeap - Creative Futures is featuring virtual stages and virtual lighting desks as part of the curriculum. The virtual stages help students to understand the logistics of stage design, the lighting desks assists learners in their understanding of lighting management.

On the virtual stages three dimensional sets can be placed, the student can move around them and light them through the use of the lights controlled from the lighting desk. The ten lights can be adjusted in direction, colours and intensity.

The simulations provide an opportunity for the student to play and experiment with the features of stage sets and lighting. They have been developed to assist the learners to develop their conceptual understanding of theatre techniques, before they continue with their learning in a real theatre situation. The simulations of the stage sets are connected to the Stage Management module, the lighting desk is used in connection with the online Lighting course. The students are given specific tasks to fulfill on the simulator.

 Watch this video to get a good impression of the virtual theatre of TPBLeap - Creative Futures.