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The Costume Module

The course of Costume Design is meant to give the learner a basic understanding of creating a costume for stage. Performers come across many ideas for costumes and this module is going to help to organize these ideas and transfer them into the material world.

In Chapter 1. Art Theory, the student will learn some basic "tricks" how to guide the eye of a viewer. It will try to stimulate the learner to draw some lines themselves: all the pictures in this chapter are done by hand on purpose - for students to see how easy it can actually be.

Chapter 2. Theory and Interaction of Colour, shows how humans react to colours on a subconcious level and to teach the proper use of colour - the ratio between the colours  and how colours interact with one another in patterns, in pictures or when physically mixing them. 

Chapter 3. Fabrics and Fibres, is a very important one for choosing the right fabrics for the performance. It can be used as a reference when looking for just the right fabric. With a lot of material passing through his / her fingertips, the student will realise it's all in the fingertips...

Chapter 4. History of Costume, is relevant for period (history) pieces. One can decide to be extremely accurate with the costumes, or just use costumes with some hints of the historical costume incorporated in the design. The chapter is merely a quick look through the ages. For a very detailed and accurate image of a certain era, the student will have to make his / her own research.

Chapter 5. Designs & Patterns is dedicated to actual making of a costume. The student will learn how to prepare the sketch, the pattern and take the measurements, using all the information learned in the previous chapters.

Aleksandra Pust
is coming from the Dance Sport world. Being an active competitor, judge and teacher for many years, gives her a profound knowledge of movement and mechanics. Studying Fashion Design on the other hand, gives her the knowledge of  art, colour, fibers and costume.
Through the years as a designer for dancers, she successfully created outfits for Top European and World Ballroom couples (among "her" couples you can find: Andrej Skuca - Katarina Venturini, Matej Krajcer - Iwona Golczak, Jurij Batagelj - Jagoda Strukelj  and many more).
She created the costumography for a very successful  "The 50's Show" in 2006.
She is currently  designing for Top World Latin and ballroom couples helping them achieve their highest goals.