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The Administration & PR Module

Running a production or company implies many different skills and experiences. In this module Administration skills and PR & Marketing skills are introduced to help students get started with their own projects, enabling them to organise their work and reach the audience and the press.

Chapter 1. Communication, will take the student on a tour of business communication by telephone, letter, memos, faxes and e-mails.

Chapter 2. The Use of Accounting and Simple Cost Accounting, looks at the basics of accounting, useful planning and running a company / a production. What kind of documentation is involved and how to keep an eye on the cash situation.

Chapter 3. Workplace Organisation and Computer Skills, makes the learner familiar with his / her own strengths and weaknesses, with regard to organizing the day. It deals with the importance of setting clear objectives and priorities and introduces the use of the most important software in office administration.


Chapter 1. Press and Public Relations - What it means, covers substantial aspects of public and press relations and explains the differences between Public Relations and Press Relations and enables the student too find the right way to bring your project to the media.

Chapter 2. Public Relations and Marketing, shows how to make this contact with the public and which instruments are available.

Chapter 3. The Media, introduces the way journalists work.

In Chapter 4. The Press Release, the student will learn the kind of information and the right form for a press release, the best timing to send it and how to handle pictures.

Chapter 5. New Media (e-Media), explores when e-mail is good and snail mail is better and the use the internet as an agent for press and public relations.

Chapter 6. The Press Conference, will take the student step by step to the perfect press meeting.

Chapter 7. Handling Partners. Working in public relations means working with a lot of different partners. This chapter shows how to interact with courage and self-confidence with your partners, helps to understand the need of looking after sponsors and to gain a new audience and regain the lost.

Chapter 8. Competition and Follow-up Services. PR is a continuous process. Collecting and evaluating the press clippings and updating the data will provide a sound base for the next job on hand.