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The E-Tutor Module

The transfer of the original project “The Performance Bridge” to TPBLeap, which the Creative Futures virtual learning system has undertaken is based on a previous online experience. The analysis and conclusions of this experience has led us to create a long overdue course for a function that is becoming increasingly important in the online learning world: the e-tutor.

With this course this function is taking a clear shape and structure. The e-tutor will act as a key figure in the exchange of information (negotiation) formally structured by experts (courses, lessons, tests, assignments) and the virtual learning experience (e.g. 3-d simulation practice). To carry out this role, the e-tutor must not only be familiar with the e-content and the delivery platform. He must also have a good understanding of the pedagogical approach being used and of his working relationship with the learner. The module is structured as follows:

Chapter 1. General Discussion about Online Learning. In this chapter the e-tutor trainee will be introduced to topics and discussions in the e-learning field. These subjects are in constant development in a challenging field of work, and the e-tutor is required to update his level of information by participating in the ongoing discussions.

Chapter 2. The E-Tutor. E-tutoring requires clearly identifying and defining the elements relevant to the job. In this chapter the trainee will become familiar with them and the practical handling of them.

Chapter 3. Relationship with the Learner. Building a working relationship online requires the background and knowledge necessary to address potential problems and the know-how to apply the right methods and tools to handle them. In this chapter the trainee learns to understand and profile situations, motivation and creativity related to group and individual tasks, and to assess the role and value of the working relationship in the student’s progress.

Chapter 4. The Content (from the point of view of the learner). In this chapter the e-tutor trainee will make use of the content of the TPBLeap – Creative Futures project, take all the courses, write a report and assessment of his experience. He will receive e-tutoring throughout the learning process.

Chapter 5. The Tools of the Trade. This chapter is a quick reference guide of tools on the web, that are useful for the e-tutor. The e-tutor trainee is required to follow tutorials for the use of Moodle and Second Life plus familiarise himself with two applications of his choice. He will be assisted by the e-tutor trainer in individual and group tutorials.

Gerardo Wolf Perez and Edith Wolf Perez
Gerardo Wolf Perez studied Philosophy at the Universidad de Chile. Later his interest turned to Visual Communication and he graduated from the Goldsmiths’ College in London. He took part in one of the first learning facilities on the Internet, MM University, and has since focused on online courses and education. Edith Wolf Perez holds a dance degree from Laban and a degree from the University of Warwick (MA in European Cultural Politics). She worked extensively as a publisher and journalist and become increasingly interested in publishing on the Internet leading to training as Online Editor. They both co-manage the company W-Point. G. & E. Wolf Perez OG in Vienna, Austria.